"The thing that inspires me most in life is my own child's tiny hand wrapped around my finger. It takes so little to make a child happy, that it is such a pity in a world full of sunshine and pleasant things, that there should be any sad faces, empty hands or lonely little hearts".

It is with this in mind that I invite you to join me in trying to help children all over Ireland who need help every minute of every day.

Q: So, what can we do?

A: Buy this wonderful signed, limited edition print and 50% of what you pay will be donated to a charity of your choice on your behalf. There are three charities to choose from

Laura Lynn Children's Hospice,

The Jack and Jill Foundation - Home Nursing Care for children up to 4 years old with brain damage and

The Children's Medical and Research Foundation at Crumlin Children's Hospital

all of which excel in their dedication to caring for sick children and their families. Click on the logos below to visit each charities website and get more information/learn more about what they do.

Q: How do I do it?

A: Click on the buy now button located under the image of the limited edition print to the left. On the next page choose which charity you want your money donated to and skip on over to the checkout. It couldn't be easier. Along with your signed limited edition print you will receive a certificate of authenticity and a certificate of appreciation detailing your involvement.

"Happiness is not so much in having as it is sharing. We make a living by
what we get but we make a life by what we give"